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1kg Premium Frozen Tilapia Fillets

1kg Premium Frozen Tilapia Fillets


Tilapia Fillets, are one of the most popular fish among fitness enthusiasts, it must be something to do with the nutrtionals, just 96 Kcals in every 100g and packed with over 20g of protein and less than 1.7g of fat your onto a winner.

Tilapia is a delicious, lean white fish that has a wide variety of associated health benefits, including its ability to help reduce weight, boost overall metabolism, speed up repair and growth throughout the body, build strong bones, reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, lower triglyceride levels, prevent arthritis, protect against cognitive decline, prevent various types of cancer, reduce signs of aging, boost the health of your hair, and strengthen your immune system.

Health Benefits of Tilapia

Growth and Development: One of the most important aspects of Tilapia is its impressive protein content, making up more than 15% of our daily requirement in a single serving. Protein is an essential part of our diet, particularly animal proteins, because they can be enzymatically broken down into composite amino acids and reassembled into usable proteins in the human body. Protein is directly linked to proper growth and development of organs, membranes, cells, and muscles. It is particularly important that children consume adequate amounts of protein to ensure that they develop properly. They also are necessary for muscle growth, cellular repair, and proper metabolic activity of numerous organ systems.

Weight Loss: Unlike many other animal products, fish like Tilapia are high in protein but low in calories and fats. This can be a good way to reduce your caloric intake, while still giving your body all of the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly. Fish is often turned to as a dietary option for people trying to lose weight, without starving themselves with crash diets.

Disclaimer, This product is flash frozen at sea and sent in our chilled packaging. If this product arrives defrosted pleased consume within 3 days.

Nutrients Name Per Serving Per 100g
Energy kj 804 402
Energy kcal 192 96
Protein 40.2g 20.1g
Carbohydrate 0.0g 0.0g
Fat 3.4g 1.7g
of which saturates 1.2g 0.6g
of which monounsaturates 1.0g 0.5g
of which polyunsaturates 0.8g 0.4g
Sodium 102mg 52mg
Calcium 20mg 10mg
Phosphorous 340mg 170mg
Potassium 604mg 302mg
Folate 48µg 24µg


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